How To Walk on a Concrete Tile Roof

Two of the most durable and long-lasting materials used for home roofing are clay and concrete tiles. Because of their high resistance to fire and extreme weather, as well as their minimal impact on the environment, these materials are popular among homeowners.  In some situations, you might need to climb the roof to inspect your roof tiles or replace some of them. In cases like these, you must be knowledgeable about safety precautionary techniques to avoid damaging your tiles. 

How To Walk on a Concrete Tile Roof

How Can One Walk On A Concrete Roof Without Causing Any Damage To The Surface?

The following are important safety precautions you should know when walking on your concrete roof to prevent it from being damaged.

  • Always walk on the balls of your feet.
  • Walk with your weight evenly distributed.
  • Slowly transfer your weight between your feet as you walk.
  • Never jump from one roof tile to the next.
  • Make sure to wear shoes with soft soles that have good surface traction.

Let's Have A Look At A Few Of Them.

Evaluate The Slope Of The Roof

The slope describes how inclined your roof is. If your roof has a steep slope, you should avoid going up there. The best and most practical option would be to hire a professional to handle your roof's extreme inclination. If you find your roof’s slope manageable, use a safety harness with a rope when climbing up the roof. Just in case you happen to slide down, call the best roofing company in Phoenix for assistance. They will guide you through the situation until you’re out of danger and unharmed.

Make Sure You Have Tiles In Good Shape 

Make sure you have stored tiles that are in good condition before you climb up to the roof. It’s a great idea that you carry along a few spare tiles as you go up. It will save you a lot of time when you discover tile pieces that require replacement or if you unintentionally break a piece. Don’t worry if you cracked a few tiles, even the most skilled roofers break tiles over the course of their careers!

Protect The Tiles By Wearing Shoes With Soft Soles

Avoid wearing heavy footwear with a firm bottom because they are more likely to crack tiles and will make it harder for you to move around on the roof. If you want more traction on the tiles while walking, look for footwear with soft rubber bottoms and grips, like sneakers or light work boots. Don’t opt for open-toed shoes such as sandals or flip-flops. They do not have enough protection if you slip or fall down unexpectedly.

Always make sure that everything you need when climbing up the roof is in good condition. For instance, make sure your ladder is in good shape and working properly. If not, it's best to avoid using it as you might get into an accident.  

Never Go Up On The Roof By Yourself!

Going onto a roof by yourself is something you should never do. Make sure that someone is going with you or someone is eyeing you while you climb up. 

It is not advised to walk on cupped roof shingles in the cold because the weather makes the tiles slippery and more fragile. You should wait until a warm sunny day to ensure that the tiles, leaves, and other debris on your roof are entirely dry. This will prevent you from slipping and falling.

Make the Appropriate Adjustments for the Tiles

While on the concrete roof, a standard walk is not the most effective method of movement. Instead, slowly shift your weight as you walk and bend your steps to match the arc of the tile as it falls. This will allow you to walk more safely. When you take a step, you should first position your foot in the space between the tiles, then roll your foot's arch up and over the tile, and finally place your toe in the space between the tiles.

Walking and standing properly on a tile roof will help you avoid cracking a tile. You should take safety measures seriously in order to ensure your safety and security as you go up the roof. In case you find any issue, you must contact Phoenix roofing company experts.

Be Careful Not To Walk On Cracked Tiles 

Before you tread on any tiles, carefully check if they are not cracked or damaged. Avoid applying too much pressure to the areas where the tiles cross or where there is little noticeable damage. Stepping on those areas might cause the tiles to completely shatter. Broken tiles are another factor that might increase the risk of slipping and falling when walking on them. Cracks on the roof tiles are an indication that your roof may require maintenance or repairs. It is also important to note that you should not step on tiles around the edges or ridges of your roof.

Final Thoughts

Walking on your roof poses a serious risk to you and your roof. If you fall, not only will you suffer severe injuries, but you will also do significant damage to your roof. Therefore, you should only climb onto your roof if absolutely necessary: otherwise, you should get in touch with the Phoenix Roofing Company.